Extra Spare Keys

We are your extra transponder spare key specialist.  Some of the big chain stores are trying to get into the game.  But with the advancement of technology they are unable to keep up.  They can only do about 25% of the keys and a lot of times they have batteries that will die on you at the worst time.  Night Owl Locksmith, on the other hand is able to handle about 90% of cars sold in America and we carry remotes as well.
If you are in the market to have an extra key made, give us a call at 209-743-5408. 

Night Owl Locksmiths Beat Dealership Prices Everyday

Night Owl Locksmiths is always buying new gadgets and computers to keep up with today’s technology.  People call us all the time and say that the dealer said that there the only ones that can make that key or program it.  I suppose when your prices are as high as theirs, you have to blow smoke. 

Every year we gain strength with the capabilities to do more car keys and remotes than ever before.  We look forward to adding equipment and learning procedures to be able to do additional cars and bring even more savings to our customers.  

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